Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

1.1. By browsing this website (yumm.ro / www.yumm.ro), or / and placing an Order, or / and gathering information, constitutes the agreement of the Customer / User to the Terms and Conditions (this document) displayed on this site. If any of the clauses below will be found invalid or null for any reason, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses.

1.2. This website (yumm.ro / www.yumm.ro), is owned and administered by Yukyta SRL (Ltd.), having its registered office in Mun. Sfantu Gheorghe, str.Viitorului, nr.1,2/A/5, jud.Covasna, Romanian, Registered Business Number J14/425/2016, EU VAT nr: RO36952029, Phone: 0741203495, e-mail: hello@yumm.ro, website: www.yumm.ro

1.3. The Terms and Conditions (this document), can be modified by Yumm / Yukyta SRL(Ltd.) at any time and without any notifications.

1.4. Yumm / Yukyta Srl (Ltd.) reserves the right to modify, at any time, the Terms and Conditions (this document), its policies and / or to correct any errors on this website (yumm.ro / www.yumm.ro), and / or within the verbal / electronic communications, without any prior notice to the Customer / User / Buyer.

2. Definitions

2.1. Yukyta SRL (Ltd) – legal entity

2.2. Yumm – is a registered trademark, owned by Yukyta SRL (Ltd)

2.3. Customer / Buyer – private person or legal business who creates an account on the website and places an order

2.4. Seller – Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd)

2.5. Website – yumm.ro / www.yumm.ro, domaine and its subdomaines

2.6. Contract – electronic sales contract, according to Romanian law, between the Buyer and Seller

2.7. Account – is a section on the website that contains information about the Customer / Buyer (consisting of an e-mail, password, name, addresses for delivery & invoicing etc.) It allows the Customer to communicate the orders.

2.8. User – any private person and / or company browsing and / or collecting information on this Website, and /or even registering on it, by completing the sign-up. Thus he / she has accepted and consented to the Terms and Conditions (this document).

2.9. Order – an electronic document, by which the Customer / Buyer sends it’s intention to purchase products on the Website, to the Seller.

2.10. Review – personal evaluation, assessment of the product / products, that the Customer / Buyer bought from the Seller.

3. Liability

3.1. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right to modify, at any time and without any prior notice to the Customer / Buyer, the Terms and Conditions (this document), its policies, and / or to correct any errors on the Website, and / or within the verbal / electronic communication.

3.2. By creating an account and / or using the Website and / or by placing an Order, the Customer / Buyer agrees expressively and unequivocally to the Terms and Conditions of the latest updated version stated on the Site.

3.3. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) can not be responsible and will not be responsible to any errors, and / or information’s, and / or photos, images, and / or documentations etc. We try to display accurate information on the website, yet sometimes we detect mistakes. In these rare cases, we reserve the right to remove an ambiguous item form the order, and / or cancel an order.

3.4. All the information provided on this website and / or through written, and / or verbal communications between Customer / Buyer and Seller is obtained from sources considered reliable and valid by the Seller. To the extent of our knowledge all the information on this website and / or through written, and / or verbal communications between Customer / Buyer and Seller is correct, but its accuracy can not be guaranteed and will not be guaranteed.

3.5. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right to modify and / or cancel any order containing certain products / goods, and / or services that are priced incorrectly on the website. If the order is already paid, the Seller will refund the amount to the account of the Customer / Buyer.

3.6. Yumm / Yukyta SRL shall not be liable for any errors or any technical inaccuracies present on the website, and / or typing mistakes, and / or documentation, and / or illustrations and / erroneous images. Improvements and / or changes at the website can be made at any time.

3.7. All the information used in describing any products and / or services, available on the website does not represent a contractual obligation of the Seller. It is is used exclusively for presentation.

3.8. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) does not assume responsibility for any errors or any incomplete information displayed on this site. It is constantly working to correct and supplement the presented information. The information used in describing any products / goods / services available on the website does not represent a contractual obligation of the Seller. All the information available on the website, including but not limited to photos, texts, descriptions, is used exclusively for presentation.

3.9. Seller shall not be liable, and will not be responsible for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any products and / or services, that the Customer / Buyer and / or any third party may suffer after the sale.

3.10. Yumm / Yukyta SRL reserves the right to correct any system errors and / or any prices that are displayed unintentionally incorrect. Due to specific fluctuations on the market, product prices can be changed without any prior notice.

3.11. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right to cancel / modify / erase / correct all and any comments on the Website, that include but is not limited to: negative, obscene, aggressive, intolerant, etc.

4. Contractual Documents

4.1. The sales contract is considered to be concluded between the Seller and the Customer / Buyer when the order is received by the Customer / Buyer and is paid in full to the Seller.

4.2. By law, the Invoice(electronic) constitutes the sales contract.

4.3. Any notification (e-mail and / or electronic automatic notification sent by the website) received by the Customer / Buyer after making the order is only for informational purposes. It does not mean that the order has been accepted.

5. Disclaimer and Product Use

5.1. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) makes every effort to describe the products as clearly and precisely as possible, but it can not and will not guarantee the absolute accuracy or completeness of any information provided on the Website, and / or blog, and / or social networks, and/ or phone calls or e-mail correspondence.

5.2. Any product information, and / or instructions regarding the use of Yumm products, are available only for educational purposes.

5.3. It is the responsibility of the Customer / Buyer to ensure that he / she has all the necessary knowledge about the safe storage and proper use of the products that he / she bought from the Website. The Customer / Buyer agrees, that the Seller will not be held responsible for any problems arising from bad storage and / or the use of any products.

5.4. The Yumm products are not intended and therefore should not be used as a substitute to diagnose, and / or treat, and / or cure, and / or prevent any medical condition and / or disease.

5.5. It is the Customer / Buyer’s responsibility to research the proper safety information and use and for each product that he / she intends to order.

5.6. Any content, and / or information on the Website, and / or any materials posted on social networks, and/ or phone conversations, and / or e-mail correspondence, are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

5.7. Any information presented (electronically, verbally, in writing, in person) cannot cover and does not cover all the necessary precautions, possible side effects, interactions with any other products / substances / ingredients. Any information offered by Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) should not to be used as a substitute for a medical / physician consult.

5.8. By using any Yumm product, there is no explicit or implicit guaranty that the Customer / Buyer / or any third party entity will obtain any / the desired results that he / she is looking for.

5.9. Any information found on this Website / social media, including but not limited to: how to use’s, details, facts, ingredient properties found on the Website, and / or in MSDA (Material Safety Sheet – obtainable freely. Please contact us for it) are based on: speciality literature obtainable from books, scientific publications, informations received by our suppliers, cosmetic and chemical journals, web, aromatherapy. Any information displayed on the Website, and / or social medias, are not intended to diagnose, heal, treat any medical conditions or infections.

5.10. Any product information and / or any instruction, regarding the use of products are available and published only for educational purposes. These do not cover / can not cover all methods of use, and / or all possible precaution procedures and interactions, and / or side effects. Before using any product on any part of the body, please consult a doctor.

5.11. Any information provided should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. Any product sold by the Seller should not be purchased or given to treat any medical, and / or skin condition or disease.

5.12. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) can not be / and will not be liable in the very unlikely event, that any side effects, and / or skin sensitivity, and / or allergy, develops by the negligent use of any Yumm product by the Customer / Buyer / or any third party entity.

5.13. In case you are allergic, and / or sensitive to any of the ingredients, please consult your doctor before use.

5.14. Yumm / Yukyta Srl (Ltd), takes no responsibility and can not by liable for incorrect use of any information, and / or products. By purchasing form the Seller, and / or website, and / or a third party entity, you take and accept responsibility to consult your doctor before using any products that can interfere with any medical condition.

5.15. By purchasing any products from the Seller, and / or website, and / or a third party entity, you accept the fact that every person is different and can react in a different way to the same natural ingredient, including, but not limiting to: essential oils, butters, natural extracts, oils. In the very unlikely case that any skin sensitivity and / or allergy may develop, the Seller can not be, and is not going to liable.

5.16. Before using any products – be it natural or artificial, from any brand or manufacturer – it is highly recommended to make a Patch Test on a small part of the skin / body. Use a small amount of product, for example on the elbow, and wait for 24 hours to see if there is any reaction to it.

5.17. Natural cosmetics are not medicament’s. As we are not doctors, any recommendations from our side, about the use of our products, and / or our ingredients, are based only on largely accepted facts about them. This information is freely available to everyone who has internet access.

5.18. All reviews, comments are offered on voluntary basis. These are based on personal views, perceptions. Just like every person, every skin is one of a kind, so to the results may vary from one person to the next.

6. Copyright. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1. Yumm, and the logo of Yumm is a registered trademark, and belongs to Yukyta SRL (Ltd). All rights reserved.

6.2. Any information and / or content on the Website, including, but not limited to: multimedia material, logos, text, dynamic and / or static images are exclusive property of Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd). All rights reserved.

7.1. Personal Data Processing

7.1.1. As required by Romanian Law no. 677/2001, which is about protection of individuals, regarding the processing of personal data and the free handling of such data, Yukyta SRL (Ltd) is required to manage safely the freely provided personal data of the Customer / Buyer, and use it only for specified purposes.

7.1.2. By law, you are guaranteed the rights to information, access your data, the right for opposition and intervention. You have the right not to be subjected to an individual decision, the right to go to court in case of violation of any rights guaranteed by Law 677/2001 about the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and free handling of such data. To use your rights, please contact us on: hello@yumm.ro

7.1.3. The Customer / Buyer personal data may be provided to the Police General Prosecutor’s Office, or any other authorities of the local state and regional legal institutions. This is provided only and under within the law statements, as a result of a special request.

7.1.4. By creating an account, the Customer / Buyer declares and unconditionally accepts that his / her personal data to be included in the Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) database. It also means, that the Customer / Buyer expressly and unequivocally agrees, that all these personal data can be stored, used and processed temporarily by the Seller, and / or its co-workers which will be used to help the normal business activity run smoothly, deliver successfully the purchased products from the Seller to the Customer /Buyer.

7.1.5. The only purpose of data collection, is to inform the Customers / Buyers about their account status, their order status, to ship their order with a transport company, to inform about the business activity or promoting goods and services.

7.1.2. Privacy Policy (GDPR)

The owner of the www.yumm.ro website is Yukyta SRL.

Yukyta SRL (hereinafter referred to as “yumm.ro”) is a Romanian company based in Sfântu-Gheorghe, Str. Viitorului nr. 1, 2 / A / 5, registered with the Trade Register under number J14 / 425/2016, fiscal code 36841080.

By using the www.yumm.ro site, it is considered that the User understands and agrees with the terms and conditions, even if he / she only browses the website and does not become a client.

The information below is very important because it explains why we need some personal data to provide some services. Please read it carefully because we have tried to explain here a set of principles and concepts useful in interacting with our site.

According to GDPR, “personal data” means any information about an identified or identifiable natural person (“the data subject”). An identifiable individual is a person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more specific elements of his physical, physiological, genetic, psychic, economic, cultural or social identity.

There is no list for personal data, and GDPR does not require states to make such a list simply because in one context data can become personal data, and in another context it is simply a information without value of personal data.

Here are some examples of personal data:

– name

– the domicile or residence or someone

– an email address (including andrea.livia@yumm.ro)

– bulletin, passport or identity card number

– location data ( for example, location data feature available on a mobile phone)

– an IP

– an ID cookie

– a car registration number

By simplifying the above definition, we may conclude that personal data is data that refers to a living person that can be identified:

– using these data; or

– from these data and using additional information that is or may be in the possession of the data controller The information we collect

Yumm.ro uses forms so you can order online, write questions or leave reviews. These include fields such as name, email address, mobile phone number, access password.

We use this data only to allow you access to the site and to deliver the ordered products.

We do not use the data to send marketing communications unless you explicitly opt for such communication. Even in such cases, we make sure you have an easy-to-use option to unsubscribe (withdraw consent) at any time, either in communication itself or by contacting us at hello@yumm.ro Cookies

In addition to voluntarily communicated data, servers also store other types of information:
– “Cookies” – www.yumm.ro uses “cookies” and other technologies to understand which parts of the site are the most popular, what part are the users accessing on the website and how much time they spend there. www.yumm.ro uses technologies such as “cookies” to study the effectiveness of communications with users in order to constantly improve the site
– “Log” information – Servers automatically record the information the user’s server sends when the yumm.ro website is visited. These records may include information about web search, IP address, browser type, browser language, date and time of search, and one or more cookies that uniquely identify the user’s browser.
– The “user” information when the user sends an email or uses another type of communication with www.yumm.ro. This information can be stored in order to process the user’s requests, respond to them and to improve their services and activities.

You can adjust browser privacy settings to block all cookies; however, this could seriously affect your browsing experience, because many websites may not work properly. To whom do we transfer this information

We will disclose your personal data only for third parties listed below. We will take appropriate steps to ensure that personal data is processed, secured and transferred in accordance with applicable law.
We transfer your personal information to our group companies that provide us with products and services, such as information technology systems. Access to your personal information is limited to those employees who need to know your personal information:

• The company that manages the yumm.ro site (Xsevers – hosting, Makeline – webdesigner)

• The company (DPD) that will deliver the package (it will know the name, address and customer’s phone number), and it is necessary so that the package arrives in a timely manner to the customer.

• The technology provider that involves online payment (Mobilpay / Garanti Bank)

• other parties, such as public authorities and institutions, accountants and other external consultants, whose work involves the need to know such data or where the law forces us to make this disclosure.

Any third parties to whom we disclose your personal information in accordance with the foregoing law are limited (by law and by contract) in their capacity to use your personal information solely for the specific purposes we have identified.

We will always ensure that any third parties to whom we disclose your personal information are subject to the confidentiality and security obligations in accordance with the contracts signed with them and the applicable laws. However, for the avoidance of doubt, this can not be applicable when disclosure is not our decision.

The user benefits from the right of access, interference with personal data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision. At the same time, they have the right to oppose the processing of their personal data and to request the deletion of personal data collected. In order to exercise these rights, the User must address in writing to the email address: hello@yumm.ro

www.yumm.ro uses social extensions from Facebook.com owned by Facebook.Inc. When the user wants to open a page that includes a social extension, the browser will connect directly to the Facebook servers and will send a notification to Facebook indicating that the User has logged in to the www.yumm.ro site. If the User is logged in to his personal Facebook account, Facebook will link the information you have with your account. When the User uses the “like” and “comment” functions of the extension, relevant data will be forwarded to Facebook through the User’s browser. The user has to check Facebook’s privacy settings to receive information about the use and processing of Facebook’s information. If the User does not want Facebook to collect personal information from www.yumm.ro, please disconnect from your Facebook account before visiting www.yumm.ro.

Except as expressly explained above, we will never disclose, sell or rent your personal information to a third party without notice and, if necessary, without your consent.

Yumm.ro undertakes to protect your personal data against loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, unavailability, unauthorized access and destruction, and take all reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality of such data, including through the use of appropriate organizational and technical measures. Organizational measures include physical access control at our headquarters, staff training. Technical measures include the use of encryption, passwords for access to our systems, the use of SSL security certificates, encryption of transit data, etc.
While we make every effort to protect the personal data you provide to us, the transmission of information between you and us on the Internet is not completely secure (the terminal you are writing from may be monitored by third parties, for example, so there is nothing we can do about it). Therefore, we can not guarantee the security of your personal information transmitted over the Internet. Any such transmission is at your own risk. Once we receive personal data, we will use strict procedures and security features to prevent unauthorized access to it.

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify our privacy practices and update and make changes to this information note at any time. For this reason, we encourage you to return to this note at all times. This document is current from the date that appears at the top of the document. We will treat your personal data in a manner compatible with the confidentiality notification on the basis of which we have collected, unless we have your consent to treat them differently.

The privacy policy is governed and interpreted in accordance with applicable law. This Privacy Policy and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this policy or subject matter (including litigation or non-contractual claims) will be governed and construed in accordance with applicable law.

8. Cookies

8.1. This Website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that contains letters and numbers, and is stored on any technical device, that you may use to access the internet with (computers, laptops, mobiles etc.)

8.2. This Website uses cookies only to improve the quality and performance of our services provided to Customers / Buyers / Users. It enables the Website to remember your shopping cart, to keep you logged in on the site.

8.3. You can disable and refuse to accept cookies at any time in your browser. This may cause some websites to not work properly, to be difficult to use and / or navigate them.

9. Orders

9.1. Orders must be placed exclusively on the Website (www.yumm.ro)

9.2. Orders arrived until Wednesday, 12 clock(noon), will be shipped on the current week. Orders that are placed after Wednesday 12 clock, will be delivered starting the following week.

9.3. The Customer / Buyer must ensure, that he / she placed the order properly and provided correct, complete data as required. In case that he / she uses fake identity, address, information’s, Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right to refuse the order.

9.4. The Customer / Buyer must verify the received parcel and notify the Seller of any inconsistency with the original order, that he / she sent to the Seller, in maximum 24 hours after receiving the parcel. After 24 hour any complaints are not going to be taken into consideration.

9.5. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right to select its Customers / Buyers. For justified reasons, and if it considers, that on the basis of preview actions taken (for example, but not limited to: more then 2 returns a year) by the Customer / Buyers, could lead to any form of prejudice to the Seller, the Seller has the right to restrict the form of payments and / or delivery arrangements, and / or to refuse to honor any order given by the Customer / Buyer.

10. Delivery

10.1. Currently deliveries are available in Romania only, and are carried out by the DPD courier service, and only in the DPD network.

10.2. Orders that are sent by the Customer / Buyer, until Wednesday, 12 clock (noon), are going to be sent out with the courier in the current week. Orders that are sent after Wednesday, 12 clock (noon), are going to be delivered the following week. Deliveries are usually made form Monday till Friday, between 9 – 17 EET.

10.3. Shipping fees:

– 19 RON – if the value of the order is between 0 – 40 RON

– 16 RON – if the value of the order is between 40 – 100 RON

– Free Shipping nationally – if the value of the order is above 100 RON (only in the DPD network)

– Free Shipping locally – for orders above 40 RON,  in Sfântu Gheorghe, cards and bank transfers only, Thursday and Friday, between 10 – 14 EET

– EU / Non EU countries: Not available at he moment

10.4. The delivery term is usually 2 – 4 days, starting from the confirmed order. In very busy times (Christmas, New Year etc.), and / or in bad weather, (heavy storms, snow) the delivery time could be delayed, and / or might change. In this case the Customer / Buyer will be notified in advance.

10.5. The delivery is regarded as completed, when the parcel arrives from the Seller at the Customer / Buyer address, and the amount owned by the Customer / Buyer for the order is paid in full.

10.6. If the Buyer is not found at homer, the courier agent will call the Customer / Buyer on telephone, and / or will return once again to the given address. If the order could not be delivered to the Buyer, the parcel will be returned to the Seller within a few days. In this case, the Seller reserves the right to declined any new / other order from the Customer / Buyer.

10.7. The courier agents do not provide seasonal temperature control in their vehicles of transport. Because of this reason, and because all our products are made of 100 % premium quality natural ingredients – we don’t use any parabens (preservatives), fillers, water – during extreme temperatures our products may melt, or change their consistency. (Like premium Swiss Chocolate). This is a natural phenomenon and is perfectly normal (similarly to true organic honey), and will not affect their integrity or quality of our products. Before opening them they should be kept at room temperature for a couple of hours.

10.8. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right to delay and / or cancel any order for the following reasons: wars, strikes, terrorist acts, fires, riots, explosions, protests, floods, epidemics, and / or other impediments of major forces according to the Romanian law. In case the Customer / Buyer already paid in advance for the Order, the greatest possible amount of damages that the Seller can pay in this cases, is the full amount that the Customer / Buyer paid to the Seller.

11. Payments. Discounts.

11.1. In Romania

11.1.1. Card payments: we accept Visa and Mastercard

11.1.2. Bank transfers

11.1.3. Cash at delivery (up to 300 RON)

11.2. EU and non – EU countries

11.2.1. We don’t accept it at the moment

11.3. Information’s regarding card payments.

11.3.1. Payments with cards are processed in a 3-D Secure system, strictly trough MobilPay (in partnership with Garanti Bank)

11.3.2. Yumm / Yukyta SRL does not ask / and or stores at any time, any personal / and / or card information, that is related to payments

11.3.3. There is “0” (zero) fee for card payments

11.3.4. All transactions are done with RON (Romanian New Leu)

11.4. Any discounts / and or promotions are not accumulative. Usually the highest discount is used, of course until the discounted and / or the stock in promotion runs out.

11.5. The Customer / Buyer automatically obtains a 10 % discount form the price of the Order when / and only if the Customer / Buyer uses the personalized voucher (code) at the checkout. The Voucher is valid only one time, and only to the Customer / Buyer to which the Seller emitted it.

12. Return Policy – Free Return*

12.1. In case you are not 100 % happy with your purchase, you can return it without any problems, by following our Return Policy that you can find below.

12.2. The Return Policy is available only to the products sold on the Website, by the Seller, and does not include any third party entity.

12.3. According to the Romanian Law No: 34/2014 the Customer / Buyer, in case he / she changes their mind, has the right to return the product / products within 14 days, starting from the date from which the products where fully paid and delivered. The Customer / Buyer is going to get a full refund if all the conditions below are met.

12.4. Before any return / full refund takes place, the Customer / Buyer needs an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which the Customer / Buyer can obtain trough a simple e-mail request from the Seller: hello@yumm.ro

12.5. The Customer / Buyer must inform the Seller before the 14 days expire, that he / she wants a full return. After the Seller sends the RMA, the Customer / Buyer must complete an unequivocal declaration (with RMA nr. included), that he / she wants to return the product / products. Please contact us to receive the Return Form. After completing the form with all the information’s requested, please sign it, scan it and send it back in electronic format (e-mail). If you can’t scan it, please send it trough the Post. Contact us if you need any help, we are glad to help you: hello@yumm.ro

12.6. The reimbursement of funds and / or product / products exchange to the Customer / Buyer is going to be settled in maximum 14 working days.

12.7. Until the parcel with the original order is sent back by the Customer / Buyer, in the same condition as received, the Seller reserves the right to postpone any reimbursement / and or product exchange.

12.8. Any amount paid by the Customer / Buyer to the Seller – using cash at delivery or bank transfer – is going to be reimbursed only by bank transfer, to the Customer / Buyer whom the invoice was issued.

12.9. In case the order was paid by Debit – Credit Card, trough the 3D Secure system, courtesy of MobilPay (in partnership with Garanti Bank), the amount paid by the Customer / Buyer will be returned to the same account which the Customer / Buyer used to pay the products.

12.10. IMPORTANT: the product / products that the Customer / Buyer intends to send back, must be in the same condition as received. All labels must be still attached, any / all documents that came with the parcel must be sent back, in the original box, if it’s possible. Any gift / gifts that came together with the order must also be returned. The products must be packed in a way (if possible in the same box), which ensures the safe transportation from the Customer / Buyer all the way to the Seller.

12.11. The product / products can be used for 3 – 4 days, so the Customer / Buyer can feel, smell, and determine the premium quality of Yumm products. It is possible to use up to  / maximum 20 % of the quantity.

12.12. According to art. 16 pct e from the Romanian law 34/2014, for hygiene reasons, any products is exempt from the right of return, if the product was opened and / or the safety label was removed  – but as an act of goodwill from our part (and because we make premium quality products), please see pct. 12.11.

12.13. The return of products is Free* (*maximum two times a year per Customer / Buyer), and will be supported by Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd).

12.14. In case the Customer / Buyer intends to return more products after using up the two Free Returns* (paid by the Seller), he / she will have to pay for the shipment. In this case, all the original amount paid for the purchase of goods will be refunded, except the return shipment fee (will be paid by the Customer / Buyer)

12.15. The return of the products must be done using the same delivery method, as the Seller used to ship out the orders.

12.16. The Seller does not accept for return ANY product / products that present any sign of, but not limited to: products show sign of physical / chemical modifications, were used, and / or stored in unhygienic conditions, they have signs of chipping, scratches, they were exposed to the Sun and / or excessive heat, cold, humidity, or they have been mmodified in any ways.

12.17. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) reserves the right, when it considers that the actions of the Customer / Buyer were with bad intentions (for example: repeated returns / two or more per year) to refuse any further order from the Customer / Buyer.

13. Complaints

13.1. The Customer / Buyer must verify the received Order, and notify the Seller within 24 hours if he / she noticed any errors, differences, missing items, problems with the product / products, invoicing errors. Any notification sent after this deadline will not be taken into consideration.

13.2. In case the Customer / Buyer wants to send a complaint, it is necessary to contact the Seller and request the Complaint Form. Please fill it out with all the requested information’s, then send it back in electronic format (e-mail). In case you need any help, please contact us on hello@yumm.ro

13.3. Please remember, as our premium quality products are all made form 100 % natural ingredients (and as such we don’t use any parabens, preservatives, water, fillers) they require specific storing conditions. Given the lack of the Seller control over shipping, and or / handling, and / or storing conditions further quality complaints can not be received.

13.4. Just as real premium organic honey can change it consistency, may melt then re-solidify as temperatures fluctuate, so to our products can change their consistency, or melt / solidify in warm / cold weather / rooms / storing facilities. These are perfectly natural reactions, and are NOT quality problems. These reactions have no effects whatsoever on any products, their properties, or their ingredients involved. Before making a complaint, please read the MSDS (available freely, contact us for it), and / or the product descriptions. In case of any doubts, please contact us, we are happy to help: hello@yumm.ro

14. 100 % Guarantee

14.1. Any product bought from the Website has a 100 % Guarantee included with it, valid for 14 days from the date of purchase(delivered and paid for it).

14.2. In case the Customer / Buyer is not 100 % satisfied with its purchase, he / she can return it free of charge, for a full refund, by completing the Return From. Important: please see Nr. 12. Return Policy – Free Return*.

14.3. In order for the 100 % Guarantee to be valid, all the product / products from the order must meet all the requirements from the return policy of the Seller. Important: please see Nr. 12. Return Policy – Free Return*.

14.4. In case the returned products are not accompanied by the Return Form (either in electronic format, or post), completed with all the requested information’s, RMA number and Customer / Buyer signature, the 100 % Guarantee is not applicable.

14.5. The 100 % Guarantee is not valid for, and does not include: any products that show any sign of physical / chemical modifications, where used and / or stored in unhygienic conditions, they show any signs of chipping, scratches, and / or that they were exposed to the Sun and / or excessive heat, cold, humidity, and / or have their safety seals broken or modified in any ways. Important: please see Nr. 12. Return Policy – Free Return*.

15. Fraud

15.1. Any attempt to, but not limited to: modify the content of the Website and / or its subdomaines, access / and or modify any personal data of another Customer / Buyer / User, and / or to affect the performance of the server is considered fraud. It will automatically trigger criminal investigation against the perpetrators.

16. Privacy Policy

16.1. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) guarantees, that any personal information that is sent to the Seller will not be sold to third party entities. It will be used by the Seller, in order to facilitate the processing and delivery of orders to the Customer / Buyer.

16.2. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) makes every possible effort to use the latest defense systems that it has access to, but as no internet connection in the world is 100 % safe, it can not be liable, and will not be responsible in case that any information, be it personal or other wise, will be taken / stolen by illegal / unauthorized access. In the unlikely case that this happens, all / any information requested by the Police, Anti Fraud department or any governmental department will be handed over freely.

16.3. Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) can not be liable for any errors or negligence that the Customer / buyer might make, including, but not limited to: lost passwords, forgetting to log out from the personal account at the end of the session, altering / changing his / hears personal information without the Customer / Buyer knowledge.

17. Litigation

17.1. Any / all disputes between the Customer / Buyer and Yumm / Yukyta SRL (Ltd) is to be resolved amicably.

17.2. In case the dispute could not be solved amicably, the next step is to using the European Commission Online Dispute Resolution Platform, where is possible to use the out-of-court settlement system. You can access it by https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home.show

17.3. If the out-of-court settlement system does not resolves the dispute, the Law Court from Mun. Sfantu Gheorghe, jud. Covasna will settle the dispute.

18. Major Force

18.1. None of the contractual parties can be held liable for non-execution (partial-total), or late execution of its obligations, if they were caused by major force.

18.2. The parties shall immediately notify each other in case of major force, and shall take all necessary measures to limit the consequences of the event

18.3. The major force will be proven according to the Romanian Law.

19. Final Provisions

19.1. If any of the above clauses are found to be null or void, this will not affect the validity of the other clauses.