Györfi Andrea


It’s Hard to Imagine

But we believe that for a healthy skin you need a healthy body and that good taste deserves good options. What you put in and on your body is equally important.

Everything Begins With Love

We believe you should not have to choose between what is good for you, and what works for you. For this reason sometimes it’s okay for us to hit the wall, as positive creativity can be a messy place. Love, a little bit of luck and a lot of experiments can lead at the end to beautiful things.

Our core principles:

* Be Reliable
Trust is everything, so when we say we are going to do something, we do it.
* Be yourself
Life is less complicated when you show your true face.
* One for all, all for one
To be sustainable, clients, employees, suppliers, and owners must all win.
* Knowledge is power
We strive to answer all questions to our best of knowledge. In case we don’t know the answer, we will find for you.
* Employees come first
We provide a fun, caring, free-spirited, diverse place to work. A business is as good as its employees.
* Community matters
We try to purchase as much as possible from local businesses, farms to sustain our community.

   With love,